Jun 29th, 2019 – @ Les Ailes du Desir | LADD

Duo D&A Workshop: Lyra and Trapeze

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM


Working on an apparatus with another person can be a tight fit at times and you’re bound to get a foot in your face at one point or another. However, duo can also be the most fun and exciting thing you have ever done! It requires timing, connection, trust, and a willingness to laugh.

Daniel Nolasco and Ashley Smith have been duo partners for 6 years and look forward to sharing their knowledge of all the possibilities duo has to offer. The workshops will begin with specific base and flyer skills on trapeze and then into exploring creative movement on lyra where you are both base and flyer.

The workshop is meant for individuals who have a background in duo work or for long time aerialists wanting to explore a new avenue. No need to come with a partner but recommended if you have someone you would like to work with.

We look forward to seeing you there!


◆ intermediate-advanced skill level on trapeze or lyra
◆ 5 pull-ups
◆ 5 Straddle Inversions
◆ 5 Toe Touches

1 Workshop/Solo: $70
1 Workshop/Partners: $125

She is also available to private classes! The workshop link is in bio! For private classes please contact 786-478-5891 or email: ! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!