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Owner & Founder of Les Ailes Du Desir Circus School in Miami, Claudine Choquette started her career as a Contemporary Dancer after graduating from LADMMI in Montreal and subsequently at London Contemporary Dance School in 1994. Claudine performed, taught Contemporary Dance and Ballet for two decades and discovered a true passion and the wonderful world of Contemporary Circus in the late nineties at Circus Space (known today as National Center for Circus Arts) while initiated to trapeze and other aerial apparatus. With an undergrad and Master’s Degree of business admiration, Claudine also has a deep understanding of the slightest changes in the business environment and possess a strong ability to make connections between various global events and world class organizations.

Claudine Choquette decided to embark in this unique project and opened the only contemporary Circus school and talent management Les Ailes du Désir which aims at providing local South Floridians with unique and talented performers from around the world as she rapidly noticed that Contemporary Circus Art had developed exponentially throughout the world; Miami, however, has experienced a more muted growth when it comes to this unique art form.

As such, she mandated herself to take an active part in our local community and be a notable driving force behind several social projects by developing, inspiring young talents and stimulating creativeness through specific workshops, programs, unique performances and entertainment and talents management by encouraging and supporting international exchanges of Circus artists and organizations across the Globe.

Her unique initiative known as “LADD” is based on three pillars. It includes a Center for Artists from different culture and traditions from across the Globe to promote exchanges and progressive inter-disciplinary training for aspiring Circus professional and established performers.

She also developed an extensive Artists in Residence program which consist in inviting world-renowned performers that are willing to share their innovative advancement in circus arts and perform locally and internationally.

The “LADD” school also mandated itself to inspire youth and local communities through recreational and social inclusion programs by bringing unique and inspiring talents to allow the community to discover the circus arts and share our passion.

More recently, Claudine founded the Les Ailes du Desir Foundation which will specifically focuses on articulating a structured and progressive training for under 18 years old that meets specific hardship criteria such as emotional and/or financial distress in order to introduce and inspire youth by using circus activities and encourage and allow positive self-expression through the exploration of movement and different circus discipline.

Claudine has hired & worked with the following performers:

  • Angela Kim – Aerial  Workshop (March 2018)

  • Stuart McKenzie – Aerial Workshop (March 2018)

  • Amanda Topaz – Aerial Workshop (March 2018)

  • Hugo Desmarais – Lyra Workshops (April 2018)

  • Kristin Arrow – Lyra and Trapeze Workshop (April 2018)

  • Jerome Sordillon – Aerial and Hand to Hand Workshop (April 2018)

  • Yelena Doroshenko – Family Partner Acrobatics Workshop (May 2018)

  • Beatrice Patuzzo – Progressing Ballet Technique Workshop (May 2018)

  • Uuve Jansson – Intro to Dance Trapeze (June 2018)

  • Joseph Pinzon – Choreography for Circus Acts Workshop (June 2018)

  • Angelique Janowski & Eli Palermo – Duo Lyra Master Class (July 2018)

  • Jerome Simard – Aerial Choreography for Youth Workshop (Aug 2018)

  • Jerome Simard – Floor Flow & Movement Workshop for Aerialists (Aug 2018)

  • Andrey Muraru – Handbalancing Workshop (Sept 2018)

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