Birthday Parties

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*Additional cost for Parent Workshops, catering for parents, performance demo, and special requests. *50% deposit required to reserve your date.

Host your kid’s birthday party at Les Ailes du Désir this year! Your party will surely be an adventure when you book our private full-service circus parties! Choose two to three of the following activities: aerial silks, trapeze, contortion, tumbling/acro, hula hooping. We can even provide workshops for the parents  and spectacular performance demonstrations by professional circus performers!


In order to ensure the safety of your guests, prices vary depending on the number and age of guests. Select your package based on your birthday boy or girl’s age on the day of their upcoming birthday.  Please see our rates below.

Basic Party

Up to 13 Kids 13 - 20 Kids21 - 30 Kids
9 Yrs and Over $410 $555$695
Under 9 Yrs$555 $695$855
1.5 Hour Party (+15 minutes to sign in)
Decor and Party Favors provided. No food or cake.

Full Service Party

Up to 13 Kids13 - 20 Kids21 - 30 Kids
9 Yrs and Over$585$775$965
Under 9 Yrs$775$965$1095
2 Hour Party (+15 minutes to sign in)
Food, Cake, Decor, Party Favors provided.