Advanced Youth Training Program

LADD Preparatory Advanced Training Program ( 2 years)

This program is extracurricular and will run over a span of a 9 and half month’s period, with 13 to 15 hours of instruction per week divided into 4 or 5 sessions which will be held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings along with occasional Saturday mornings.

Classes start Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 and end on June 13, 2020. Extracurricular Youth Advanced Training Program
Regular instruction spans a 9-month period, with 13 to 16 hours of instruction per week divided into 4 or 5 sessions held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, and Saturday mornings.

• Fall semester : September 3rd to December 14th, 2019
• Winter semester : January 6th to June 13th, 2020

The program is designed for a candidate that wishes to pursue the full advanced training necessary to become a circus professional and pursue a professional career in Circus Arts. In order to achieve this goal, students must commit to an intensive preparatory training, in addition to attend primary or secondary school while maintaining satisfactory grades.

The ideal candidate:

  • Is between 9 to 17 years old

  • Demonstrates proficiency in the circus arts, dance, a gymnastics, trampoline, figure skating, acrobatic sport with an artistic component.

  • The candidate has developed physical skills and possess a good sense coordination, spatial orientation, flexibility, body awareness and physical preparation with an excellent health.

  • The candidate must be enrolled in primary or secondary education.

  • Available evenings during the week and on Saturdays. LADD expect the candidate to be able to attend additional events & performance and manage their time effectively.

  • Demonstrates determination, discipline and creativity and an excellent behavior is expected from participants.

The group will be divided in two:


Participants who demonstrate proficiency in one of the Circus Arts discipline or other related performing art forms and master the fundamentals in a broad range of circus skills, including acrobatics, aerial, balance, dance while continuing to develop strength, flexibility, physical preparation and coordination.


These students will deepen their circus training choose two areas of circus to specialize in while continuing to improve their strength, flexibility, acrobatics and artistic skills. In addition to a consistent physical preparation program, these participants will also develop their performance skills through weekly dance and artistic development classes as well as participating in performance events throughout the year.

How to register for the LADD Pre Professional Advanced Program


Candidates can submit their application for admission by filing the LADD registration form along with a short video of their respective Circus Art or Performing Art Act. Subsequently, the potential candidate will be receiving a written invitation from the LADD School in order to attend the Audition and entrance test assessment. We expect candidates to be available for the full duration of the audition.

Should the student enable to attend the audition locally, please contact LADD school office so we can facilitate an alternative to the local audition.
Tuition: $9050 for 2019 payable by monthly installment
Team uniform is to be purchased separately from the tuition
Limited Partial or Full Financial Aid based on Income earned available.

Please contact the office for application form. 786-478-5891 or email:

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